SAMAI® has been selected by the Ecuadorian government and CAF (Andean Development Corporation) to implement a program that protects the Yasuní rainforest reserve: 200 native families will grow plantains in small groves (2 hectares maximum per family) on the reserve´s buffer zone. The objective is to help them obtain a regular source of income, thus decreasing the deforestation and mining pressure on the reserve.

SAMAI® will produce snacks with these plantains to help preserve one of the largest bio diverse ecosystems in the planet and increase the standard of living of the native families within the Yasuní buffer zone. They are the true guardians of this enchanted land.

In the heart of the Amazon basin lays the most biologically diverse forest on the planet: the Yasuní. It is home to more than 185 mammalian species, more than 600 bird species, more than 80 species of reptiles, more than 100 amphibian species and more than 382 fish species. The flora of the Yasuní is as biodiverse as the fauna, with more than 5000 species of pants.

For this reason, this piece of the Amazon of about 980,000 ha. (2,450,000 acres) was chosen as the core area of the biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 1989.

This national park is home to the Waorani and some of the last indigenous peoples still living in isolation in the Amazon, the Tagaeri and the Taromenane, whose ancestral lands sit atop Ecuador’s largest undeveloped oil reserves, the Ishpingo-Tambococha-Tiputini (ITT) oil block.

To learn more about the Yasuní National Park, please visit this link

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