For over 11 years, we've been making our snacks from the freshest goof-for-you ingredients like bananas, plantains, cassavas and tropical vegetables.

SAMAI has always been leading the way, even of the giant multinationals when it comes to not using ever the ingredients you don't want (such as Trans fats, msg and added sugar) and putting in more of the good stuff..

Another example is the use of green plantains (cooking bananas) in all our savoury Plantain Chip varieties. Green plantains have a Glicemic Index of 40 (1).

No wonder Parents magazine rated SAMAI snacks as one of the 10 new healthy snacks for kids.

Our philosophy is clear and simple: only the good stuff goes into our bags!

1.   Ramdath, DD, Isaacs RLC, Teeñucksingh S, Wolever TMS, Glycaemic index of selected staples commonly eaten in  the Caribbean and the effects of boiling v. rushing. Br J Nutr 2004; 91: 971-7.

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