In 2000, a group of passionate young entrepreneurs founded SAMAI© upon the belief that by sharing with the world the ancestral recipes of Ecuador's all-natural fruit and vegetable snacks, we could give people a taste of the rainforest and a better-for-you treat.

We began by hand-harvesting the freshest fruits and vegetables from neighboring small  farms, crisping them in small batches and seasoning them only with natural spices. By staying committed to our vision, SAMAI has become the largest Ecuadorian exporter of natural gourmet snacks to over 30 countries around the globe.  


At SAMAI we derive our inspiration from Ecuador's Rainforest. SAMAI means “breath of the rainforest” in the indigenous language of Quechua and we infuse every product with the flavours and colours of the Ecuadorian Rainforest, spreading awareness of the richness of this environment and the importance of preserving it for future generations.

For this reason no ingredients are extracted from the rainforest, everything comes from small plantations outside the protected Amazon area. Learn more about our social responsibility program.

In 2006, SAMAI moved its processing plant from Quito, high up in the Andes to Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas, in the lowland tropics. The Exotic Blends Company (owner of the SAMAI brand) has grown from a small supplier of plantain and banana chips to Ecuador's largest exporter of natural snacks; spreading Samai© rainforest magic all over the world.

“Affordable natural gourmet products for all”



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