Our CARE ENOUGH program directly supports health and educational programs in rural Ecuadorian communities.

CARE ENOUGH is our way of doing our bit to look after our beautiful world. We think it's important, and that's why every time you enjoy a bag of SAMAi snacks, we support programs that help children in Ecuador.

CARE ENOUGH is about hugging the world. When you buy a SAMAI® snack you are giving a hug to a lovely person in a far-away land.

We choose projects that we consider important for people, especially children and for our surroundings.Our personal involvement in every project also means that we know the persons who receive the assistance. And when you know people well enough to give them the occasional hug, it's easier to agree on how best to put the money to work.


Right now we're giving a helping hand to children in Ecuador and to Mother Claudia, the German nun.

Ecuador is a beautiful country, full of biodiversity and gentle, caring people. But it's also a country with poverty and huge social problems. Children suffer in particular. There are more than 2,000 children living on the streets in the medium-sized town of Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas, where the SAMAI processing plant is located. Small children down to the age of 5 are responsible for looking after their smaller siblings, while their mother is at work. There are simply no other choices.  

That's why we support the program lead by Mother Claudia. It offers various possibilities for children in the area (an orphanage, a school and day care center and a house for teenagers at risk). They play and have the time to develop at the right speed for their age, this gives them an inner strength on which to build the future of Ecuador, and of our world.


Mother Claudia arrived in Ecuador in 1989 and established a day care centre for the many orphaned and abandoned children. She saw how children she looked after during the day were forced to sleep rough at night. She decided to give them a place to live where they would find a new family.

Today, Mother Claudia is in charge of Valle Feliz – the Happy Valley – which consists of a number of small houses, each with 18 to 20 children from just 1 year old up to the age of 15. Here, the children live in a big family with a “Mum” in each house and a kitchen, washing facilities etc.

Valle Feliz also has a school, “Semillitas de Dios” (God’s seedlings). There are also a house for girls between 14 and 18 years of age who are at risk, an au-pair project for 18 year-old girls so that they can earn money in Europe towards a better life, and a small medical clinic for the surrounding community.

At the heart of everything is Mother Claudia and her team. They are the strength and the soul of the Happy Valley, where local people and volunteers from abroad do an enormous piece of work to give the children what they need: love, security and a future.


 You are more than welcome to visit Valle Feliz in Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas, Ecuador. And if you feel like working as a volunteer, we'll more than likely be able to help you with that as well.

Just call us or send us an email. The lovely people at Valle Feliz will have a cup of coffee waiting as long as you buy the cake, or maybe drawing paper and crayons for the children.

Here's a picture of the entrance to Valle Feliz to help you on your way!

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